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If you want to experience the ultimate luxury whilst exploring new places, owning your own yacht allows for the freedom to explore the world. We understand not only the financial cost but also how personal each yacht is to both buyer and seller. Throughout what can be a complex journey towards yacht purchase, in the end, owning a yacht is an incomparable triumph.

How is a buyer supposed to pick out the real deal? The best yacht, the best value? This is where your personal broker comes into his own negotiating the best possible deal on your behalf.

During this process, direction, experience and a degree of insight will provide effective results. Hayward Yachts will advise, inform and represent you throughout, allowing you to be as involved or distant from the detail as you wish to guarantee you an efficient and effective purchase.

This is just the beginning of the adventure, embark on a new way of seeing the world with your family while introducing them to the plethora of opportunities that come hand in hand with travelling and seamanship.

Allow Hayward Yachts to support you on the journey that lies ahead.





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