Selecting the right Central Agency!

When selecting the right yacht for charter, in-depth information is required to match your detailed aspirations with a vessel that will deliver the perfect holiday. Crewed charter yachts are usually unique vessels so selecting and agent that knows the layout and specifications is essential. The crews that man these yachts are also very individual in character, and a crew that will suit one charter might be less than ideal for another.

To be sure of booking the right vessel it is imperative to tap into the specialist knowledge and experience of a well-established charter broker. He or she will have detailed knowledge of a huge range of yachts, all gained from personal in depth visits to the vessels.

For a proficient broker, the only knowledge gap will be your own detailed requirements, so be prepared for some questions. Perhaps the very first thing he or she will want to know is your budget, whether you are inclined to a motor yacht or a sailing yacht, and the composition of the charter party. For instance, a group of friends who are sharing the charter cost would need cabins to be of equal size, luxury and facilities while a family party with a distinct pecking order would be happy with a range of cabins of varying size and luxury.

Following the initial telephone call to brokers you should expect six to a dozen yacht brochures from each company as well as detailed information on prices and the terms of the charter, this is the beginning of your most exiting adventure yet.

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