Buyer’s Guide

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If what you’re looking for is difficult to find, we will assist in every way to ensure you find the right yacht for you. After we discuss exactly what you want from your yacht, we will begin our search and refine your needs to guarantee maintained satisfaction for many years on the water.

When we find a yacht that meets your expectations, we perform our own due-diligences on the yacht to make sure she is exactly as advertised with no hidden surprises.

From finding you the right surveyor, to assisting in your winter berth we will make sure that you are satisfied. We will support and assist with price negotiations between buyer and seller, provide you with sales contracts and any and all organizing needed on the day.


Used boat vs new boat vs charter boat

A common misconception is that a privately owned sailing yacht is a better buy than that of the same aged charter yacht, 10 years ago this may have been the case, today however, things have changed.

In Greece especially, the quality of the charter fleets has increased dramatically largely due to the subsidies awarded to charter companies when purchasing new build yachts. This has resulted in fully functioning brand new fleets that are being renewed every 5 years. These yachts by law have weekly maintenance schedules for the charterer’s safety, in comparison to the attention a private yachts gets which is maybe once a year, after 10 years the difference will show in teak, gel-coat and rigging quality.Yes the charter yacht will have more use and certainly more hours on the engine but with regular servicing and constant preventative maintenance the life span will compete if not supersede that of a semi used private vessel.

A new build yacht is a great option if you are privileged enough to be able to afford it, of course with any piece of new equipment there will be faults that need to be ironed out. Your job as a new boat owner is to try and minimize these problems before you family finds out and makes you return her. This is the on-going struggle. When buying a second hand yacht any issues are normally more obvious as the previous owner can offer assistance, whereas a new build yacht is much harder to diagnose which is why having a good surveyor on hand is essential.

Where, What
& How

The variables of boat ownership costs

As many different answers can be given to the cost of owning a yacht as there are yacht owners. Its very important all costs and annual fees are made aware to any potential buyer prior to any investment. This is most important to first time buyers who have not yet established a track record giving some guidelines as to what this years costs might be.

There is no simple answer to the question how much does a boat cost as its like asking the same for a car, answers can be wildly different between owners. The owners skill or lack there of, is largely put to use to minimize annual costs as a lot of the work is time consuming but not so technically difficult.

The most important thing is to find out with you must have as a bare minimum and work up from there deciding with you will pay for and what you will do yourself.

Capital Costs

This is the price you pay for ownership

The initial price paid for a yacht is the one big payment, this is followed by several small payments you’re going to want to make sure you pay.

Firstly with is for our surveyor who will be your eyes and ears during the inspection. The cost of an inspection and sea trial is around 1000 euros. This will get you a signed report saying in the most basic terms if the yacht is seaworthy or not. If not, you will most likely be advised to walk away from the deal as the long-term costs of repair could be dramatic. If the yacht is seaworthy, you will only have a list of small works that need to be done, with this list you can negotiate the price down further according to the level of expenditure. This is how a surveyor can actually save you money in the long run.

Another very important part of yacht ownership is Value Added Tax (VAT). When buying any commercial yacht it is important to check whether the VAT has been paid on the vessel or not.

If not paid then a 24% payment on the sale price can become due. It is essential to read the laws and regulations on where in Europe you can travel to.

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