Additional Services

Hayward Yachts operates on the basis of accountability and transparency. We will provide you with a solution tailor made to your needs.


Purchasing a yacht is a large investment, no matter what the size of it, and is not to be taken lightly. When considering the value of the asset, strict financial management is essential along with annual maintenance and overwintering. Hayward Yacht services will guarantee that your yacht is being maintained throughout the year to the highest standards possible.

Constant communication and attention to details, ensures your personal time aboard the yacht to be problem free, maximizing the return on your investment.


The laws, regulations and constant tax increases placed upon today’s skippers is becoming paramount. This diminishes the experience we are all chasing, that of enjoyment and relaxation.

Hayward Yachts is here to offer unparalleled shore-side support, that adapts to each situation efficiently and without hesitation.


The combined skill set of our team brings with it a wealth of knowledge and understanding, enabling us to present each client with an all inclusive range of management services. From financial control of the operations, to the desirable yacht upgrade that we all wish for. We are there as a helping hand every step of the way, keeping the owner’s best interest at heart.

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